A UK-based adhesive manufacturer – our story

From then to now

Founded in 1976, family owned Beardow Adams has grown from a small, single-site, UK-based adhesive manufacturer in Milton Keynes to a global group company with multiple sales offices and production facilities across the world.

Supported by a network of Global Partners, Beardow Adams now has over 250 talented employees and its adhesives are trusted by 20,000 plus respected customers in more than 80 countries, covering the whole of the industrialised world. Beardow Adams can gratefully say it has reached the status of a world-leading adhesive manufacturer.

Our values

At Beardow Adams, we’re not just a UK-based hot melt adhesive manufacturer. We have persevered from day one with an entrepreneurial, agile spirit to ensure we are known for being a pro-active company that delivers high-quality products, created in world-scale production facilities equipped with the very latest technology. We have become what we are today because of our first-class adhesives that deliver on their promise, exceptional customer service and our ability to quickly solve the challenging adhesive problems other companies struggle to realise. 
The aforementioned, combined with unrivalled expertise, gives us the unique ability to develop and manufacture ground-breaking products in BRC, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001-accredited environments. Our adhesives continually extend existing capabilities to enhance our customers’ working environments, improve their production efficiencies and reduce costs. It is through customer intimacy that we can drive tailored product development and technical service to improve the value of a customer’s applications. 

Beardow Adams values the trusted long-term relationships it has secured with a network of Global Partners and cherishes the hard work, creativity and mindset of its employees and suppliers. 

Our timeline

Throughout our history, we have continually introduced innovative products and completed strategic acquisitions to develop our capabilities and grow our global customer base further. Continue reading to find out how we transitioned from being a UK-based adhesive manufacturer to a European adhesive manufacturer and then achieved global adhesive manufacturer status. 

  • 1976 – the entrepreneurship, ambition and determination of a salesperson (Len Beardow) and young chemist (Bob Adams) who met and connected at the same company in the adhesives industry and saw the potential to ‘do it for themselves’ led to the founding of Beardow Adams in Milton Keynes.

  • 1982 – following a number of breakthroughs with customers in the marketplace, Beardow Adams moved to its new site and current headquarters in Bradville, Milton Keynes. Its adhesive production facility in Milton Keynes has grown to become the largest single hot melt plant in Europe, embracing six manufacturing units and 14 state-of-the-art production lines.

  • 1985 – adhesive manufacturer Beardow Adams gained its first global partner: Intercol in the Netherlands.  

  • 1988 – Len Beardow’s son (and current CEO of Beardow Adams Singapore Pte. Ltd.) Nick Beardow joined Beardow Adams with the goal of increasing its presence and export business outside of the UK.

  • 1989Klebstoffwerke Collodin (now Beardow Adams GmbH) – one of the oldest German producers of adhesives – became a Global Partner, distributing Beardow Adams’ hot-melt adhesives throughout Germany. Collodin manufactures and develops environmentally friendly, solvent-free adhesives, with labelling, packaging and paper, and automotive applications being the main application areas.
    The same year, Beardow Adams started a working relationship with Paniker SL. Paniker has the largest single liquid adhesives plant in Spain with 27 production lines and a capacity of 44,000 tonnes per year. Paniker dominates the footwear industry and is present in a wide range of markets including paper derivatives, packaging, woodworking and the automotive sector.

  • 1994 – Beardow Adams received the first of its five Queens Awards for Export, Innovation and International Trade.

  • 1999 – Beardow Adams introduced its clean-running and best-selling BAMFutura™ range – a major innovation in hot-melt adhesive quality and performance. 

  • 2000 – Beardow Adams acquired a majority share in Paniker, Spain.

  • 2002 – Beardow Adams started working with Svenska Lim AB, Landskrona (now Beardow Adams AB) in Sweden who designs and manufactures PVA, latex, starch and dextrin dispersion-based adhesives. Beardow Adams AB’s capacity is 10,000 tonnes.

  • 2006 – Beardow Adams developed and produced its popular EcoBlock™ technology.

  • 2012 – in early 2012, Beardow Adams established BeardowAdams, Inc. in Charlotte, North Carolina which boasts four state-of-the-art production lines. This facility can produce up to 30,000 tonnes of hot melt-adhesive to guaranteed specifications each year.

  • 2013-14 – Beardow Adams acquired Svenska Lim, Sweden and Collodin, Germany.

  • 2015 – the year Beardow Adams became the first adhesive plant in the world to achieve BRC accreditation.

  • 2017-18 – in 2017, Beardow Adams set up Beardow Adams do Brasil Adesivos due to a growing customer base in Brazil. The Beardow Adams Group recognised the importance of strengthening its presence in this important geographical region, and with the agreement of its local global partner, a direct representation was established in Sao Paulo. 
    Having successfully established Beardow Adams do Brasil Adesivos, Beardow Adams took the steps to support further growth in Latin America and inaugurated its latest subsidiary, Beardow Adams SAS in Bogota, Colombia in August 2018. 

  • 2019 – production began in Beardow Adams’ second facility in Frankfurt, Germany which was set up to serve better the market in mainland Europe and avert any potential economic or supply chain risks associated with Brexit. 
    2019 also marked the year Nick Beardow, one of the shareholders of Beardow Adams, moved to Singapore to further help its expansion in Asia with the possibility of manufacturing in the region in the future.

Beardow Adams today 

Innovation has been ingrained in our nature from day one and our hot-melt, water-based and solvent-based adhesives now cover a comprehensive range of markets: from packaging, labelling and woodworking, to product assembly, bookbinding and nonwovens, and counting! 

As an industrial adhesive supplier, we have an increasing number of best-selling brands such as our pioneering BAMFutura™ range, and our research and development team continue to introduce new revolutionary adhesives to the market.

Our success, export growth and imagination has led to continuous growth, and with seven factories in five countries, we are continually growing our market presence. We are extremely proud to be regarded as a proactive global adhesive manufacturer and a world-leading adhesive company, which means that, wherever you are in the world, you can access our network and we can support you with your adhesive needs.

To work with Beardow Adams or for more information, get in touch: marketing@beardowadams.com today.

Beardow Adams’ brands: BAMFutura™, BAMCare™, BAM™, Pressen™, Prodacoll™, Prodas™, NaturaBond®, Naturacoat™, BAMClean, Signacoll® and Europanol™.

Beardow Adams’ markets: packaging, PSA (tapes and labels), labelling, tile spacing, coffee cups, filters, nonwovens, woodworking, hygiene, food-contact, bookbinding, towel and tissue, footwear, lamination, and construction.

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